Take a Sugar Blast to the Past: Downtown Tulsa’s Candy Castle

By: Avery Hudkins

Ever want to go back in time and visit an old-fashioned candy and soda shop? Well now you can! Head on down to Candy Castle.

Sundaes, banana splits, Italian cream sodas, shakes, and other delicious sweet treats to offer. Candy Castle now also serves hot dogs, frito chili pies, chili dogs, and more.

“This works out perfectly for the people who live in the same building as our store. They can just pop down here and grab a fairly cheap snack to eat,” says owner Tricia McGuire.

Candy Castle’s new lunch menu!

The Candy Castle is the perfect destination for a date night, a place to hangout with your friends, a photo shoot, and more fun ideas! 

Pictured above Lauren Vanhorn (11) and Ella Jones (11) 

Andy McGuire, one of the owners, used to work for an oil and gas company before the couple owned Candy Castle. Tricia McGuire used to have a house cleaning business as well. Mr. McGuire was tired of working in the corporate world and decided to resign from his job. The couple then went out and searched for a store to own since they both had always dreamed of working together. One day a store came up for sale and the McGuires decided to give it a look. Having no idea what it was, the couple came across a candy and ice cream store. 

“Next thing we know, we are buying it. We knew it would be fun,” says Mrs. McGuire

Andy and Tricia Mcguire pictured above

“There’s been so many learning experiences but that’s all part of it,” says Mrs. McGuire. 

Working side by side with her husband is one of Mrs. McGuire’s favorite parts of her job. Seeing little kids coming in and having fun as well as meeting new people are other aspects of their job the McGuires really enjoy. 

“We are the only place in the Tulsa area to have an old-fashioned soda fountain,” Mrs. McGuire says. 

“Last April when Covid hit and we had already set up our display of Easter Candy, that’s when everything started shutting down. Nobody could come in and see all of our holiday candy. I was really worried about wasting a lot of money on this. Then it hit me. I decided I would make Easter baskets. I personalized all the baskets and sold all my Easter candy. One day a man from the Boys Home called after his wife saw a post on our instagram for the Easter Baskets. He ordered 73 baskets. All together we sold around 150 Easter baskets. That’s been one of my biggest successes so far,” says Mrs. McGuire. 

Make sure to order a personalized Easter basket from the Candy Castle this year! 

“With covid hopefully coming to an end and our new patio finally finished, we are so excited for this spring and summer,” says Mrs. McGuire. 

Every year the Candy Castle has a big spring break event. Every day of the week there’s a new event! From free snow cones to Disney princesses coming in to tell stories, this is the perfect place for little kids to go to as well. “Some kids come everyday,” says Mr. McGuire. 

The Candy Castle is located on 525 S Main St in downtown Tulsa. Relocated in August of 2019, you may remember the Candy Castle being located in Bixby just back in 2018.  

“Downtown picked us. The building’s property manager came to us and asked what they needed to do to get us to move downtown,” says Mr. and Mrs. McGuire. 

“I always said if I wanted to relocate our store somewhere other than Bixby that I would want it to look like an old fashioned soda shop,” Mrs. McGuire says. 

McGuire also claims Downtown brings a lot more foot traffic then their past location did. 

If you stop by Candy Castle mention “Avery” for 15% off on any purchase! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. 

Next time you have that sweet tooth craving the Candy Castle is your place to be!

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