Life in a Wheelchair at JHS

By: Avery Hudkins

Most people have an easy time getting around school and don’t think twice about the walking privileges they have. However, other people have it harder. Students such as Izzy Kitterman, junior, and Liza Butrim, sophomore, have to have a teacher, friend, or a classmate push them around school every day. 

One issue Kitterman faces at school sometimes is getting out of her car. 

“Some days I miss my first hour because I have no one to come and help me get out of my car. I have to call my sister to come to school and help me,” says Kitterman. 

However, while there are some struggles, Kitterman and Butrim are both very complimentary of the facilities Jenks has to offer.

“Jenks has some great facilities for disabled students and has great teachers to help out students just like me,” says Kitterman.

While it is more of a struggle to get around, Jenks has installed some great features such as elevators and ramps around campus to improve accessibility for students with mobility issues. 

“The elevator is probably the most convenient facility for me. It makes things so much easier,” says Kitterman. 

Liza Butrim used to attend school in Singapore. 

Over the next few years, schools should definitely put in more facilities for those in need.

“Jenks needs more automatic doors equipped for the handicap as well as no doors on the bathrooms,” says Kitterman.

There are still some parts of the school that are hard to get around for those in wheelchairs and with other disabilities. 

Feeling included in the Jenks community is such a special feeling. Every high schooler in the world yearns to be included in social events and to have an amazing high school journey. Izzy Kitterman got voted for homecoming court and had an amazing experience.

When asked if she feels as if she’s a part of the Jenks community, Butrim stated that she does.

“It’s really cool that students with disabilities have a chance to experience the full potential of school,” says Butrim. 

As fellow students, helping out our peers is a great way to build our community. Next time you see a student having a hard time getting around school or in need of some assistance, offer your help, it makes the world around around you a better place.

Photo of Izzy Kitterman from 2019 Jenks Homecoming Pep Rally

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