Staying In Dress Code During In-Class Education

By: Emma Zeller

Each day as students are getting ready for school, something is running through their minds: the dress code. Dress codes ensure that students stay modest in class, updating frequently to better mandate the styles. 

Recently, Jenks updated its dress code. The school consulted different groups of students at JHS that made up the ‘Principal’s Advisory’ team. This team reflects the opinions of the student body. 

“We gave them some articles that we had found about dress codes in Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Washington state, all different policies that we had collected to look at.”, says Assistant Principal Gray, “We presented it without gender identifiers, and talked about the important aspects of dress code.”

The biggest change that resulted from this was the length of shorts. Instead of having the mandatory length at the students fingertips or longer, the new rule is that students are required to have a 3-4 inch inseam on all shorts.

Extra clothes in a Jenks students car. 

“This change is going to be good for students. It’s very difficult to find shorts that go below your fingertips, so students would just resort to wearing jeans or leggings which both can get extremely hot. ” says Janna Jay (11).

Students have been reacting positively to the recent dress code changes, which lessens the amount of dress code citations given regarding the length of shorts. However, when a student is dress coded, they have options. 

“We try to provide, if the student doesn’t have something to change into easily, we do have t-shirts and hoodies that are all clean. We keep them in a storage area so we can provide students with clothes that are in dress code until the end of the day”, says Gray. “We give their clothes back to them, of course, at the end of the day. We just need to have a means for them to be appropriately dressed in class.”

This solution takes less time away from students, as opposed to having a family member drive more clothes to the school during class time. Many students also keep changes of clothes in their car, especially if they are unsure if their clothes are in the dress code. If a student does not have a car at the school, lockers are also a great place to store emergency clothing to prevent missing class time. This system also allows students to be comfortable in their clothing after being dress coded.

“I think people are entitled to how they want to wear clothes and express themselves, but there definitely should be some rules in place, just so people stay sensible about their clothes.” says Jay. 

Dress codes are important to have in place, and a great thing to keep in mind during in-person learning. Make sure to adhere to the new rules so that it’ll be easier to focus on classes, and not waiting in the office.

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