ah-Sigh-E: Goodness In Every Bite

By: Sophia Stunkard

ah-Sigh-e is “Fast Food” reimagined. In the heart of Jenks, this new health cafe offers a multitude of fun and delicious acai bowls, smoothies, and a variety of locally made goods. I spoke with the owner of ah-Sigh-e, Jason McGill to discover how ah-Sigh-E and his love for healthy living came to be, here are his responses. 

Q: What Inspired you to open ah-Sigh-e?

A: It’s been three years now since we moved here from Naples, Florida and smoothie bowls were really popular there. My wife and I had a favorite spot we would eat about 3-4 times a week so when we moved here to Tulsa we couldn’t find anybody doing anything similar to that. There’s a few places that make smoothie bowls here in town but they add a lot of sugar and a lot of juice and stuff to them and they were a little too sweet for us, so we started making them at home and we really enjoyed them so we decided to open up a restaurant from there!

Q: What sets apart ah-Sigh-e from different smoothie shops here in town?

A: Some of the big differences are that we make everything in house and all of our blends are homemade. A lot of places use mixes that are pre-made that include some cane sugar or syrup, but we wanted to stray away from that. It is important to us that we feature some locally made ingredients; for example we make our own granola in-house and our honey actually comes out of Sapulpa. We are also refined sugar free and dairy free!

Q: Where did your love for acai and healthy living/eating come to be?

A: We started doing a little bit of research into the American diet when we were deciding to open the restaurant, and we found that interestingly a CDC report of the American diet featured that 87% of Americans don’t eat recommended fruit daily, and vegetables were even worse–93% didn’t eat their recommended daily amount. We noticed some shocking health trends like heart disease have to do with your diet and so veggies and fruit are very important for prevention of almost every single disease. We wanted to incorporate that into a really quick-serve environment because it’s hard to eat healthy on the run, so we feel like we are filling the gap with grab-n-go food that’s super healthy and affordable. 

Q: What is your personal favorite item that you offer here at ah-Sigh-e?

A: Oh my favorite is the Nutty Professor, and I love it because we make our own almond butter and when we grind it fresh it comes out a little warm and it’s so delicious. 

Pictured above: The Nutty Professor

“I think when people try ah-Sigh-e they realize that eating healthy can taste good. A lot of people find that the meal is just as filling and the price is just as competitive as a fast food place but the food makes you feel good.” – Owner of ah-Sigh-e,  Jason McGill

To try out one of their delicious products, here is some additional information!

Jenks Location:

-Address: 807 E A St #109, Jenks, OK 74037

-Phone: (918) 528-5868

Click Here! To place an order online

Bixby Location: 

-Address: 12345 S Memorial Dr #117, Bixby, OK 74008

-Phone: (918) 364-4444

Click Here! To place an order online

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