Jenks’ New It Girl: Sadie Obana

By: Avery Hudkins

Sadie Obana, a Jenks third grader, makes her mark everywhere she goes. Whether it’s in cheer, soccer, tennis, or on the stage modeling and striking a pose, she is bound to be present. Born without a left hand, Sadie is still able to do anything anyone else can. Sadie’s lack of a hand has actually brought her many opportunities and amazing experiences she’ll never forget. 

December of 2018 is when opportunity first came knocking at Sadie’s door. Sadie and her mother Mandy Obana were approached by Runway of Dreams about Sadie starring in an adaptive fashion show. Sadie was one out of 100 kids chosen to model in this fashion show.

“It was very random at first – we found out shortly after it was in Las Vegas,” says Mrs. Obana. Sadie and her mother agreed to doing it not knowing this would be the official jumpstart to many opportunities Sadie has been blessed with. 

Sadie Playing Soccer

The show took place in March right after Spring Break. This adaptive fashion show marked the launch of Zappos adaptive clothing to help with people’s deformities such as having two different sized feet, having one leg or arm, and many others that were once not recognized by the fashion industry. Sadie was sponsored by Nike during this fashion show and got to walk the runway as well as have a personal assistant by her side.  

“I loved all the food, looking at everyone and getting my hair done,” Sadie says.

Pictured above: Sadie getting ready for the Zappos Adaptive Fashion Show

Sadie is represented by Gamut Management and receives opportunities to work with Disney, Nickelodeon and commercial auditions from them. Gamut Management was formed by Runway of Dreams to help represent people with disabilities. They created a marketplace where businesses and industries can network with persons with disabilities. 

“Now, movies and TV shows want to interview people with disabilities for roles so that they are not discriminated against. They are able to do this through Gamut Management,” Obana says. 

Sadie was one of the first people represented by them. 

The Zappos Adaptive fashion show brought Sadie and her mother some amazing friends such as Chris Ruden who has done a special called Live Your Best Life that was aired on the The Today Show – Sadie also conducted an interview on this show.. Sadie and Ruden have an iconic picture from Las Vegas that was used in People Magazine. 

Sadie Obana and Chris Ruddens memorable picture in People Magazine

Sadie got to model in yet another amazing fashion show called Runway of Dreams (previously mentioned) to help promote a college chapter at Duke University. However, this fashion show was different; it was done virtually. Sadie and her mother received clothes in the mail for this virtual show, went downtown to the railroad tracks and had a fantastic photo shoot. 

Courtsey of Mandy Obana: Sadie’s Virtual Fashion Show

This year Kohl’s decided to put together an adaptive clothing line as well. They launched this with their “back to school” line. 

Sadie had her pictures taken by her mom in May for this line and did not hear any feedback for a while. Then, one day, Mrs. Obana saw the pictures she and Sadie had taken on Kohl’s Facebook page as well as their Instagram account.

Khols Facebook Post of Sadie

“When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian, singer, model and maybe a Chick-Fil-A worker… or baker, because I like sweets,” Sadie says. 

At such a young age Sadie already has such ambition and confidence.  

Sadie is a third grader at Jenks Northwest Elementary School and is in the gifted and talented program. 

 “I love seeing all my teachers, P.E., art, music, playing with my friends at recess and making up handshakes with them,” Sadie says when asked about what she likes most about Jenks.

Sadie really stood out to me in regards to how independent and outgoing she is. I bought her a cinnamon roll when we first met and she was able to use utensils all by herself as well as open doors and do anything any other kid can do. Sadie has such a sweet and genuine personality – she gave me a hug before we departed. Sadie’s charm will take her far in life. 

We can’t wait to see where life takes you Sadie! As we all know this smart, determined and well rounded little girl will accomplish such amazing things and we can’t wait to sit back and watch it. Never lose your confidence and charm Sadie; you are truly such a special little girl.

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