Rating Your Favorite Coffee Shops!

By: Sophia Stunkard

Hi, my name is Sophia. I am Colombian which basically means that coffee is running through my veins 24/7. Now putting stereotypes aside, I am a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur.

Con·nois·seur: an expert judge in matters of taste.

Not only do I love coffee, I also love coffee shops; I will be using my expertise to try and find the best coffee shop in Tulsa. I have developed an in-depth rating system which will judge each of the following categories on a scale of 1-5.

Aesthetics: What vibe does it give off? Is the lighting good? Is it basic or unique? 

Taste: Do all of the flavors blend well together? Is it yummy? 

Music: What type of music is being played at the coffee shop? Is it too loud or distracting? 

How comfortable is the seating: Pretty straightforward – will I be comfy and cozy?

Creativity: How creative is the menu? What makes this coffee shop stand out?

Milk Alternatives: For all the lactose intolerant folks out there, I got your back.

Price: I know all coffee shops will be overpriced, the question is how overpriced is it?

Now, let’s get started. To narrow down the numerous coffee shops in Tulsa I decided to take the advice from some fellow Jenks students. Out of a poll taken a couple weeks ago, these are the top 3 favorite local coffee shops of my peers: Shades of Brown, Nordaggios, and Mojos Mercantile. 

Now, Let’s get to judging. 


Walking into Nordaggios, I was pleasantly surprised. A framed picture of the Mona Lisa towered over a vast array of coffee ready to be sold off the shelves and I was surrounded by studious individuals taking in the serenity of the store. I felt welcomed by the calming sound of lofi-music and soft alternative along with the warm voice of the barista. I ordered my usual (a medium iced dirty chai with a hint of lavender), which took a whopping $7.90 out of my pocket. At first taste, my chai was a bit warm towards the bottom but that issue could be solved with some pretty intense shaking. This may or may not have resulted in me spilling a large amount of coffee on myself. Besides the warm chai, the flavors complimented each other perfectly. Overall, I could understand why I’ve gotten so many recommendations to this cafe. 

This coffee bag was to aesthetically pleasing to not add into my story!
 Here’s a little snapshot of all of the yummy treats that Nordaggios has to offer!

Taking all of the factors into consideration, I’m giving Nordaggios a solid 3.7/5 – taking off a few points for it being the most expensive coffee shop I’ve ever encountered and for the drink needing a bit more mixing.

Mojos Mercantile and Coffee House-

The specialties board at Mojo’s offers some unique and creative drink choices

Located inside of a quaint white house right off of A Street in Jenks is Mojos As I walked in, I was delighted to see a group of older ladies enjoying a board game and sharing some laughs. Walking up to the cash register, there was a display of various locally made items; candles, jam and many things in between. When it comes to aesthetics, I would describe Mojo’s as “Southern Momcore” (yes I just made that up and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like). Although turquoise and country decor aren’t my favorite, Mojo’s offers a very comfortable vibe that would be ideal for studying, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing. 

Just a peak of what Mojo’s has to offer!

When it came to putting in my order, I made the mistake of only ordering a medium iced chai with oat milk and lavender without adding the extra espresso. With that being said my total came down to $5.30. My one critique would be to add a little less lavender because it was a bit overpowering. For those wondering, Mojo’s also has 2 milk alternatives which include oat and almond milk! At the end of the day, I’m going to give Mojo’s a 4.1/5 – adding some points for having the most delicious sugar cookies and reducing points for the lavender being a little too overpowering and for the decor not being my favorite. 

Shades of Brown- 

At first glance, going into Shades of Brown may be a bit overwhelming to newcomers but that’s what makes this cafe special. I felt like I had just arrived into a miniature museum when I opened the door of shades. With artwork covering the walls and bookshelves filled with board games and old pieces of literature, it’s safe to say that coffee was the last thing on my mind because I was so focused on the eccentric decor scattered around the entire store. 

Here we have some beautiful locally made artwork covering the walls of Shades of Brown

I approached the register and ordered my usual once again that came to $6 even. It was a bit of a struggle to find a table that wasn’t too wobbly but my sister said that it “added character.” Once we got settled I felt very cozy and was enjoying the selection of soft french music playing throughout the shop. When it came to tasting my coffee I have to say that it was the best iced chai with oat milk and lavender that I had ever tried. Everything was mixed perfectly, and the chai was superb. 

With a drink this gorgeous, how can it not be delicious!

My sister wanted to help me rate Shades so we ended up with a 4.7/5, adding some points for reusable plastic straws and taking some off for our slight difficulty finding seating. I personally think that Shades of Brown suited me the best and was so happy to find a coffee shop that I can regularly enjoy. 

And those are my thoughts on the 3 most popular coffee shops according to Jenks students! I want to encourage everyone reading this to explore the coffee shops included in this article and even more in the Tulsa and Jenks area. Supporting small businesses helps those around you and who knows- you might discover your new favorite place to sip on some bean water!

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