The Power of Story in Motion: Erynn Irvine

By: Matty Mooney

Authors, regardless of recognition or status, have different takeaways readers can pick up from their stories. Senior Erynn Irvine’s is simple: If you have a story, write one. A Jenk’s lifer to our school, Irvine had a love for writing throughout her youth. In tenth grade, she started to hone in on her passion in taking different styled writing classes, specifically, The Power of Story. Randall William’s Power of Story takes elements of stories and literature and incorporates them into real world writing. The class gives students a more complex background for their pieces. 

“I was very impressed with it! The complexity and know-how to self publish, and go through that technical process, something that even adults struggle with, I thought was absolutely amazing,” Williams said. 

He was excited to hear about Irvine’s publishing accomplishments, and proud to know that she was putting her writing out into the world.

“Taking these classes I think, has allowed her the opportunities at her age to try out that path. It’s a space that allows them to discover their voice, and who they are as writers and authors,” he continued. 

Having the base of experimental writing at Jenks is extremely important not just for budding authors, but for any student interested in writing. The class allowed Irvine to go above and beyond, and have the confidence to self publish two books of her own. Born to Be an LA Girl and Short Stories came to life. 

Irvine’s paperback books side by side.

“I wanted it to be a fun “Barbie”story, the main character doesn’t go to college, I wanted to show that you can be successful without going,” Irvine said.

Picture Candee Fallon: a lively and energetic main character with an unconventional path. Living in Long Beach, Candee pursues a fashion Youtube channel, garnering views and picking up the attention of a high-exec reality TV producer. Through glamorous adventures, she winds up becoming  a judge in their upcoming season. 

As much as Irvine loves creating magical stories girls can look up to, tackling different genres is something she experiments with in her second book, Short Stories by Erynn: A Collection of 10 Short Stories. The book lays out 10 different short stories any reader would enjoy, and she separates this book from her other. It holds a special place in her heart, one where she can really show what writing means to her, and the message she wants to convey to anyone who picks up her books. 

“I love the second one more than the first one because the first one is targeted towards girls, in the dedication page of my second one it says ‘ a book for everyone’ and I wanted it to be for my guy friends, for everyone. I have a little blurb in the back of my book, ‘If you have an idea for something, do something with it, don’t waste the opportunity’.”

Irvine explained that she believes in books for everyone, regardless of who they are. Irvine is passionate about making people in her community, or anyone who picks up her books, feel accepted and empowered. Everyone deserves a voice, and a chance to share it. Taking the opportunity to put yourself out there is something Irvine hopes anyone who reads her novels will understand, and use it as a sign to try it themselves. 
So, what’s next for the budding author? A sneak peak can tell readers her next book is inspired by Disney Princesses.

Want to buy Irvine’s books? Click here or here for both Kindle and paperback copies!

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