Out of the Coloring Book: Campbell Goldsmith Jenks Local Artist

By: Mara Winters

It all started with a coloring book and a couple crayons, now, 18 years later, Campbell Goldsmith is selling her art as a senior in high school.

Goldsmith remembers her childhood being filled with art supplies and coloring books. She always recognized her art as a hobby and filled her schedule with art classes. 

“In middle school, I had Mrs. Brown as an art teacher and her artwork really inspired me; I wanted to be the best in art and I didn’t feel that way in any other class,” she said. 

She continued art classes throughout high school, taking Drawing and Ceramics 1 and 2, but during her sophomore year, this ‘hobby’ turned into a passion

“My aunt saw my artwork and told me I should start selling it, so I started advertising on Snapchat,” said Goldsmith. 

Her older sister Abby Goldsmith was her first buyer. She started to post her sister’s artwork on her social media and that’s when her business took off. 

Campbell’s first piece of art she sold

“My friends, my sisters’ friends, and my family all started to reach out to me- it kickstarted all of it, it wasn’t a hobby anymore,” she said.

For most of her life, Goldsmith had always been on a search for something to be good at and do with her life. She tried sports, singing, playing instruments, and nothing stuck. 

“I never had one single passion and it didn’t help that my older sister was better than me in everything, but then I started to focus more on my art and I found it, that was it,” she said. 

Campbell Goldsmith working on her most recent painting

At first, Goldsmith was painting things she thought would look nice or what people would like but, when she started painting for herself her artwork really took off. 

Some of Campbell Goldsmiths original art

“I would describe my art as very colorful, childish, and imaginative. It’s really just all over the place,” she said. 

Goldsmiths’ favorite painting is a self-portrait of herself called “Question”.

Campbell Goldsmiths original painting ‘Question”

“I painted that self-portrait of me because I was filled with confusion and trying to find a purpose in my life, so I painted, then I saw my worth and value as an artist through that painting.”  

-Campbell Goldsmith

Since that art piece, Goldsmith feels a connection with portraits and paints them quite often.

“When people look at my art, especially my portraits I want them to create their own rendition of what it means to them. My idea behind it is to see and feel human connection through a portrait,” said Goldsmith.

She has a wide selection of art for sale on her Instagram and also offers commissions for those who would like something specific. 

The pile of artwork for sale in Campbell Goldsmiths room

“They give me a lot of creative freedom which is really nice,” she said. 

Her paintings cost $10 an hour plus the supply fee: $10 for Oil paint, $5 for acrylic paint, and however much the canvas cost. 

Goldsmith has also started working in ceramics at a local art studio and hopes to start selling her ceramic pieces as well. 

Original ceramic pieces

As for her future, she plans to attend an art school and major in Studio Art. Right now she is looking at The Savannah College of Art and Design, Belmont University, Kansas City Art Institute, and Chicago Art Institute. 

“I want to do this for as long as I can,” she said, “art gave me purpose”.

To check more of her art, go to her Instagram @eyedecidedtopaint

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