A Holiday Photojournal

By: Matty Mooney

As the Holidays roll around, communities gather to celebrate the most magical time of the year. For Tulsa, the whole town contributes to the festivities that December brings. Wanting to take my love for photography and my town, I created a photojournal of some of the best Holiday activities Tulsa has to offer. Scroll to see the photos I captured!

Rhema Lights Church: Broken Arrow

Rhema lights had been around for many years, hosting a lit up wonderland in Rhema park. Boasting over 3 million lights, the free activity benefits the church, and is a must-do during the winter! I recommend braving the long wait for a hot chocolate, and bundling up on extra layers. Want to order a carriage ride or donate to Rhema Church? Click here for their website!

The Gazebo across the pond, with animal lights circling the top.
The welcome candy canes and sign in the park.
A multicolored tree display.


Winterfest is located in downtown Tulsa, near the BOK. A bright ice skating rink fills the skyline, really putting downtown in the holiday spirit. I could see the giant Christmas tree from a mile away. I highly recommend paying $12 to strap on some skates! There’s no need to buy tickets in advance, although it does close for private skating. Visit their calendar here!

The ice skating rink


Roosevelt’s gastro-pub on Cherry Street goes all out. The entire restaurant is decked in ornaments and Christmas lights, starting to create their masterpiece as soon as September. Although amazing decor can be found, the wait can be tedious, up to as long as 3 hours. Reservations are hard to come by, but it isn’t worth not trying! Come for the magic, stay for the food and drink. Visit their website here for more information on reservations! 

A view of Roosevelt’s ceiling adorned with ornaments. 

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