Christmas Lights Review

By: Liza Inbody

As the holiday season approaches, so do the long-lasting traditions that family and friends have been enjoying for years, including gingerbread house decorating, watching Hallmark movies, Christmas caroling, and simply spending time with loved ones. In my experience, one tradition that has been a constant is looking at Christmas lights! Staring in awe at twinkling lights, each street better than the last. As this great holiday tradition has expanded into a nation-wide experience, different ways to enjoy Christmas lights have also emerged: for example, lights that sync up to music on the radio, light exhibits to walk through, and of course the classic drive by Christmas lights. 

Allow me, Liza Inbody, Christmas light connoisseur, to take you on a guided tour of Christmas lights around the Tulsa area. I hope that if you follow in my footsteps, you will find what you need to make your Christmas experience merry and bright!

The Journey Begins:

The first type of Christmas light experience is the classic drive by viewing. This season my mom and I went on a search for the most unique and eye-catching lights this year, giving each one an authentic name that encapsulates it’s magnificent design. 

The first house that captured my attention had a large tree covered in white lights with purple lights on the ends of the branches. My mom and I named this house the enchanting purple tree because of the massive glowing tree that was truly mesmerizing. 

The Enchanting Purple Tree located on 41st and Harvard

The next house I passed was absolutely stunning, as twinkling snowflakes hung from numerous trees. As we drove under them, the lights appeared as a beautiful night sky made up of leaves and sparkling snowflakes illuminating the dark scenery. I named these beautiful lights silent night to showcase the serenity it emulates of a peaceful Christmas night spent with family and friends. 

The final noteworthy house I saw was a striking green tree. This house was especially significant to me because it reminded me of my favorite childhood Christmas movie, The Grinch. Ironically, the Grinch’s theft of Christmas brought holiday magic straight to my car. 

The Grinch Tree located on 41st and Lewis

A Journey to the Past:

While all these Christmas lights are phenomenal, my favorite will always be the house only a few blocks away from my old house. This light show was so spectacular that it backed up the neighborhood with lines of cars waiting to see the lights dance to their radio. Lights lined the rim of the house and yard with singing animated Christmas trees and white colossal Christmas trees made up of lights. The lights sync up with a radio station playing classical holiday music as they perform for all the admirining viewers. 

Journeys on Foot:

Furthermore, this holiday tradition has branched out to Christmas light exhibits in which people are able to walk through extravagant displays. The Philbrook Museum, for example, is a must see during the day, as it displays beautiful artwork and landscaping, however, at night it transforms into a shining winter wonderland. The museum also sells seasonal refreshments and food to bring along as you look at the lights. 

Another honorable mention is the popular Rhema Lights, with available carriage rides to immerse you into a world of lights. Rhema is truly the grandest way that you can look at Christmas lights, as it has incredible light structures and designs. Utica Square and Guthrie Green also have festive lights for a night of shopping, entertainment, food, and a great Christmas night to share with friends and family. 

Guthrie Green 

The Journey Concludes:

As you prepare for the busy and sometimes stressful season of Christmas, remember to enjoy the exciting moments that make Christamas such a special holiday. So, take a break from exams, holiday shopping, and Christmas preparation by enjoying the serene beauty of Christmas lights while listening to holiday carols and indulging in your favorite seasonal treats!

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