Choosing a Gym in Jenks: A Comprehensive Guide

By: William Ford

About half of all new year’s resolutions are exercise-related, but only about 20% of these resolutions ever make it to February. Whether you lift, swim, play sports, etc., this reference is for you.

When choosing a gym, the first step is considering what you want: many family centers that have pools, daycares and more also contain gyms and fitness centers inside. So here are several different gyms in the Jenks/Tulsa area with a variety of activities, benefits and membership deals to offer to make this choice easier.

Vasa Fitness:

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In terms of equipment quality, everything at Vasa delivers. There are free weights for lifters (including lots of calibrated equipment, as well as metal and bumper plates and 6+ squat racks), cardio equipment including treadmills and ellipticals, calisthenic setups, and a track for athletes complete with artificial turf. Vasa also has a large labyrinth of industrial gym equipment, and though it is difficult to navigate, they have many machines for every muscle.

Although access may add more cost onto your membership (which can start from $10-$21 monthly), Vasa also has an aquatics center, saunas, massage booths and tanning beds. With the upbeat music they play, the atmosphere at Vasa is very motivating. To coincide with this, the gym is often very populated during the day.  If this bothers you, you can always go at night, since Vasa is open 24 hours. Overall, this is the best gym for any well-rounded athletes with a communal vibe.

Select Fitness:

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With sleek, black and white modern equipment, bumper plates and more, Select Fitness operates 24 hours via keycard entry.  Though what they offer is limited to lifting and tanning, Select Fitness is an affordable location with the equipment you need to meet many goals.  For a slight fee, Select Fitness also offers 24 hour access to their tanning beds.

If the other luxury aspects of family centers are not something you desire, for a $35 monthly payment, this is the place for you.  They aim to create a gym where you can feel comfortable and at home, whether you are a beginner or competitive athlete, and it is a great gym for anyone who wants to focus on lifting in particular.

Tandy Family YMCA:

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The YMCA pledges themselves to promoting a healthy lifestyle. While some YMCA locations offer a variety of equipment and quality, others offer almost little to none. But, there is at least one well-equipped YMCA in most major cities, which means you will always have access to your membership, which hovers around $35 per person per month, at home and on the go.

YMCA family centers also often have basketball courts, tracks and turf, pools (including hot tubs), and saunas. On top of these things, the YMCA often offers classes for fitness, martial arts, yoga, and various sports and other activities. All of this of course varies from location to location, but the Tandy YMCA is one of many excellent local locations.

The various classes and widespread accessibility of the YMCA all land it on this list as a great place for new, experienced and competitive athletes. The YMCA has a home-like feeling to it once you get comfortable, and it is an ideal place for anyone who will take advantage of their membership’s all-location access.

Life Time Fitness:

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Life Time Fitness is similar to the YMCA in their endeavors: create a simple, healthier lifestyle all in one place. Every Life Time offers just that.  Their equipment is high-grade iron, complete with calibrated bumper plates at four separate squat racks. Life Time wellness centers usually have both wet and dry saunas, toiletries (deodorant, razors, hair spray etc), pools (indoor and outdoor), turf, tracks and more, all complete with their own cafe.

Life Time also offers classes, mostly for swimming, yoga and other leisure activities. Life Time has high accessibility, long hours and friendly staff. If a $100+ monthly price tag is within your budget, Life Time Fitness is perfect for those who enjoy the luxury and other benefits associated with it.

Obtain Strength:

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Obtain Strength, located in a warehouse, can take you further than fit. Obtain Strength offers calibrated lifting weights, powerlifting and strongman equipment, high quality barbell standard plates, and a floor of cardio equipment. In the future, they even plan to expand outside, developing turf, atlas stones, sledge hammers and other outside strength activities.

Open 24 hours a day and costing $55 a month, Obtain Strength does not have a sauna, lockers, a pool, or other family center aspects. Instead, there are rooms dedicated to competitive-grade lifting setups. While Obtain Strength can be hardcore, they also aim to be a comfortable place for people at all stages of training. With a comfortable environment you can trust, this gym is an honorable location on this list.

Depending on your individual goals, these gyms and fitness centers would rank differently from person to person. Prioritizing your preferences when picking a gym to start or continue your journey is very important because you should never settle for less than you need to reach your goals.

For those who enjoy the communal aspect and the pursuit of various hobbies such as swimming and other sports, the YMCA, Vasa Fitness, and Life Time Fitness are all superior choices depending on your price range. For those who are just in into lift, Select Fitness will do. For my hardcore lifters out there, Obtain Strength is your best bet.

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