The Perfect Blend: Yum Eats & Sweets 

By: Natalie Eaton

Looking to find somewhere new to eat? Maybe a place to fill your sugar cravings, or just somewhere to grab something filling and healthy. If that is the case, then today is your lucky day!

Yum Eats & Sweets is a vibrant shoppe and cafe located in the Tulsa area close to Jenks. A perfectly balanced assortment of sweets and healthy foods are all sold at Yum. Only serving lunch, Yum offers sandwiches, soups, salads, and bowls. If you have a sweet tooth, Yum offers plenty of different candies, chocolates, ice cream, and desserts. Along with the variety of foods offered, they have a wide collection of items displayed in the shop that are perfect for birthday or graduation gifts. Basically, if you need anything, Yum Eats & Sweets is the place to stop. 

Mother and daughter duo, co-owner Brittney Charles and owner Tracy Ogg, both run Yum. Originally opened in Grove, Oklahoma in 2011, the inspiration for creating Yum Eat & Sweets actually came from an accident. 

“So, it is kind of a funny story,” said Ogg. “I was on bedrest with my twins and I had a two year old. We had just gotten an Ipad, so it was kinda new and me and my kid were just playing on Ebay and stuff and I fell asleep and woke up to 20 cookie jars. I was like, `What are we going to do with all these cookie jars?` My husband is like, ‘I don’t know open a coffee shop or something.’ And that’s kind of how it started. That was kind of my inspiration in a silly kind of way. We closed that store and sold it because my husband relocated, and me and my daughter decided to open here.”

In the cafe, a display of 500 cookie jars are shelved around the party area. The party area is a spacious table in the center of the cafe, and around the table are nice large booths along the walls for a wide arrangement of seating. Yum Eats & Sweets has also expanded their party area outside on their spacious deck. With the deck area, Yum hosts fun pop up events like date night. To keep up to date with the events hosted, make sure you follow Yum on social media. 

Yum Eat & Sweets is a unique cafe because they cater to a large crowd of people. Athletes, people on a diet, or simply just someone who needs a quick and healthy pick up should come to Yum. 

“We use all fresh organic foods that we can find,” says Charles. “All the fresh stuff is cut by us, and we make everything to order. We are not fast food, but we try to make good food fast. Let’s say you order, mediterranean bowl, and we chop the kale and cucumbers right then. It’s all fresh to order and not sitting in bins waiting to toss out.”

Charles notes that some of their more popular items on the menu are their Buddha Bowl and the Grilled California Club. 

Photo Credits: Yum Eats & Sweets website

Along with fresh foods, Yum also serves drinks like coffee, tea, and boba! Boba is very popular at the cafe, and Yum offers 40 flavors for customers to choose from and enjoy. 

“My mom’s favorite is the Butterfly Pea Flavor with Passion Fruit, so we have a lot of customers that come in and order Tracy’s favorite,” jokes Charles.

Overall, Yum Eats & Sweets is a great option to try if you are looking for something new. 

A great local business, Yum is a perfect blend of foods and drinks, and for students, is a great place to get a quick bite before or after school. With graduations coming up, this is also a perfect place to get a nice gift for friends and family. 

For more information, call Yum at (918) 628-1000, or check out their socials and times below: 

Store Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10AM -6PM

Thursday: 11AM-8PM

Saturday and Private Parties: 10:30AM




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