To Cone or Not to Cone: An Honest Review of Chick’N Cone in Jenks

By: Matty Mooney

As a member of the Jenks’ community, I often witness the opening and closing of businesses throughout the town; breakfast places, bars, even bakeries. However, when I saw the grand opening of Chick’N Cone on East A Street (yes, that’s what the establishment is called) I was intrigued by the chain. The small building sports hand-held chicken and waffle combos as their main menu offer, and on behalf of Jenks, I decided it was my duty and honor to review this restaurant. I will rate their items based on initial thoughts and feedback, providing you, reader, with my honest opinions and nothing other than the sort. Sit back, grab a snack, and let the review begin!

When I first walked into the establishment, the place was packed; off to a good start on a rainy afternoon. The employees were friendly, and asked me what I wanted to order. The menu was pretty big, Sandwiches, tenders, sides, and crazy cereal milkshakes. In order to keep my review unbiased, I went with a simple Number 3 Combo: A “Chick’N Cone” with a homestyle side and a drink. I picked their “Caj’n Fries” and a sweet tea, however I didn’t include the drink in this review. I ordered the chicken with their traditional Cinna-Maple sauce, although they had a wide variety of unique sauces a customer could chose from. My total order was around 13 bucks. 

Chick’ N Cone’s Chicken in a Waffle Cone.

To start, the waffle cone was warm and made fresh in front of me. It was crispy and held its shape. Overall, a solid base to this odd food combo. The chicken was… underwhelming. The bites were warm, but tasted similar to Tyson chicken nuggets. The breading immediately fell off of the chicken, making it a bit of a mess to eat. Although this is advertised as being eaten without utensils, I found myself having to use a fork in order to pick up the chicken. The sauce was almost non-existent.  I found out towards the end of my meal that the syrup-based sauce sunk down to the bottom of my cone along with my chicken-nugget bread pieces (kinda gross). However, I could taste a hint of the cinnamon-sweetness. In an age of over the top Instagram food, I found the cone a little overrated and I was sad that it didn’t live up to the hype. 

Chick’ N Cone’s Caj’n Fries. 

I moved onto the “Caj’n Fries”, going into them with low spirits. However, these fries were the star of the show! They weren’t “straight out of the fryer” fresh, but they were pretty warm and crisp with a soft middle, as all good fries should be. The seasoning was strong and packed a bit of a kick, a heaven sent comparison to its bigger, bland counterpart. I found myself going back to the fries after each bite of chicken, it was almost like a palette cleanser of sorts. If the other sides offered are as high quality as the fries, I’m curious to see how they would level up. I honestly, would almost (almost!) go back just for them. I was surprised by these fries, and they get an A plus in my book. Pro tip: the Cinna-Maple sauce with the fries was way better than on the chicken. Sweet and spicy!

In a nutshell, I would say Chick’N Cone is a B+. Although personally, I would skip the chicken and just stick to the cone. Is it worth it? Maybe not as much as I hoped. However, I challenge you to find out for yourself! Chick’ N Cone is located in Jenks on 807 East A Street. Want to take a look at their menu? Visit it here!

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