The Treat Brothers: The Team Becomes Family

By: Avery Hudkins

Getting to play the game you love with your sibling right by your side is a pretty special thing most people don’t get to experience in their lifetime. That’s exactly what Nathan Treat,11, and Nic Treat,10, have gotten to experience together this year.

 Nic and Nathan grew up with parents who both played soccer, so it was easy for them to jump right into the sport. Nathan started playing at just three years old while Nic began at age four. 

One of the earliest memories the brothers have of playing the sport together was at the YMCA when they were younger. From there on their soccer journeys began to take off and flourish throughout the years.

“One of the biggest takeaways I have gained from soccer is patience and always knowing that my hard work will pay off,” said Nic, the younger of the Treat brothers; his hard work has really paid off. This year, Nic found out he would be playing for Jenks Varsity soccer alongside his older brother, Nathan.

“It hit me how lucky I am to get to play and hopefully win a state championship with my brother,” said Nic. “This drives me to play even better.” 

Both of the Treat brothers will forever be grateful for this opportunity. Their mother Christina Treat has soaked in every moment of getting to watch both her boys play together. 

“I love watching their natural dynamic take place on the field. They look for each other. They know one another’s strengths and play to that benefit. Their skill sets complement each other and it’s really fun to see what they come up with when they connect,” said Ms. Treat, “But,  my favorite part is just watching their natural, brother chemistry come alive and of course.. when they get to celebrate one another’s victories.”

Ms. Treat has been a soccer mom to not only one but two boys and has been for the majority of her son’s life! With high school on top of club soccer, it is a very busy schedule year-round but she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“Being a soccer mom has been rewarding and challenging,” she said. 

While taking on the role of a soccer mom she has been able to fall more in love with the sport while also learning how to be supportive on the sidelines. 

“I have learned to always encourage my boys and to be sure my support is positive and helpful.” 

Nathan, Nic, and Christina Treat at the Jenks Soccer Banquet

Sports can bring many people lifelong friendships and relationships along the way and that’s exactly what the Treat family has gained through this fulfilling journey. 

“My favorite thing about soccer all together is the family you make while you’re playing. The connection is like no other and you are connected in so many ways while striving for the same goal,” Nic says. 

Nathan also claims the team is like a family and requires dedication and hard work just like anything else in life. 

“It has blessed our family with so many incredible friendships and experiences together we would not have had otherwise. I’m incredibly grateful for all of the places it has taken us and the moments we’ve shared on long road trips, tournament weekends, on the sidelines, and now in the stands of Jenks High school,” Ms. Treat said. 

The beginning of this season Nathan was able to assist Nic on his very first varsity goal. Needless to say, it was an unforgettable moment. 

“I was in shock when it happened during Nic’s very first varsity game. His very first touch on the ball was a volley laser into the goal from an incredible pass his brother, Nathan, had sent his way. Boom… Treat brothers’ goal,” said Ms. Treat. Several parents came up and hugged the proud mom. 

 “There aren’t really words that do justice to express how thankful I was to be there in that moment and proud I was of both of them. I hope it’s a memory they hold onto for the rest of their lives. I know I will,” Ms.Treat says. 

Celebration After The Treat Brother Goal

Whether they’re on or off the field, the Treat brothers always learn from each other’s play. 

“I learn from Nic’s positivity on and off the field. He always sees the upside to something,” Nathan says. 

Nic watches and learns from Nathan, as Nathan learns from him. 

Next year Nathan will be a senior in high school approaching the next step in his life. Although he has no certain college plans yet he is more than capable of competing at the collegiate level in soccer. 

“When I hear someone say that my brother is about to be a senior and off to college it makes me kind of realize that I need to spend all the time that I can with him because, sooner or later he’s going to be out of the house and I’m going to be here with no one but myself,” Nic says. 

So during these final two years, the boys will play their hearts out on the field and enjoy this sacred moment in their life when their soccer team really is family.

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