Food Truck Festival Photo Journal!

By: Kendall Webber

Scroll for a sneak peak of what next year’s Tulsa Food Truck Festival could potentially look like! 

Here are photos of food I bought and saw around the festival. The foods include ice cream, street tacos, macarons, caramel corn, honey candy from Roark Acres Honey shop, and mixed small baked pastries!

All sorts of food trucks from the Tulsa area came to participate in the Jenks food truck festival!

Jenks Police Department and Tulsa County Sheriff’s office participating in the festival, encouraging young adults to join the Tulsa Police Force internships.

Shops coming all-around from Tulsa Oklahoma to show off their products and food. One lash store included free face and hair glitter, others were selling their merchandise, plants , and homemade flavored honey, jams, and jellies.

Bakeries and shops selling merchandise.

Dogs enjoying socializing with people, including Marshall the dog from the Nickelodeon show Paw Patrol.

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