About The Trojan Torch

The Trojan Torch is the Jenks High School student newspaper. We are dedicated to publishing Jenks-centered news, and our mission is to be the voice of your school and your story.

We are located in building 5, room 222; a member of the Torch staff is available during 3rd hour.

Contact us! 
email:  jhstrojantorch@gmail.com
Instagram: @jenkstrojantorch
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLMAgvI25CaOH2a0xFg4UkA

Editors In Chief:

Mara Winters & Abigail Chow

Social Media Editor:

Sophia Stunkard

Vice President of Marketing: 

Avery Hudkins

Entertainment Editor:

Aaron Siebert

Community Editor:

Emma Zeller

Student Life Editor:

Matty Mooney

Investigative Editor:

Emma Nelson


Natalie Eaton

Henry Sacra

Liza Imbody

Isabella Hunt

Jourdan Batson

William Ford

Faculty Advisor:

Jordan McCown

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