Pageant Queens Take On Jenks

By: Bella Hunt Pageants are not very well-known around the district, and to many people's surprise, we have many pageant girls that go to Jenks. Two girls in particular have shined through their years with pageant life. Beginning in the pageant life isn’t easy, and it takes perseverance and dedication to the glamorous take that... Continue Reading →

Too Much Internet: With Aaron and Sophia

By: Aaron Siebert and Sophia Stunkard Welcome to Too Much Internet! The new podcast brought to you by the Jenks Trojan Torch. In this show, your hosts Aaron and Sophia will take a deep dive into the latest internet phenomena. Topics both big and small. But don’t think that isn’t all just the guesswork of... Continue Reading →

Netflix Documentaries Review

By: Avery Hudkins Netflix! There’s so much to watch but it’s hard to choose. I recently just had ACL surgery, and if you find yourself at home with nothing to do like me, you should follow my lead and watch these documentaries. What do you have to lose? I chose to review this genre because... Continue Reading →

Dear Liza

By: Liza Inbody As the spring semester approaches, so do new classes, relationship issues, packed schedules, and the brink of summer. Anxiety is a universal experience, so fortunately this is not something anyone has to experience alone. Thankfully, Jenks has its own experts to aid with these issues and supply advice. I talked to three... Continue Reading →

At Home Watercolor

By: Kendall Webber You’re stuck in your room doing nothing for 5 days. You’ve watched all of the new shows and you have nothing left to do but be creative and find something entertaining. However, you have no craft supply. Well, lucky for you, I have found ways to make watercolor out of random things... Continue Reading →

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