The Take on 2021

By Sophia Stunkard 2020: the year of a global pandemic, a historic presidential election, the fight for social change, and the year where everyone lost the concept of time. With everything that occured during 2020, we look into 2021 with many questions, in need of answers. In this article, I will dive into what this... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus to COVID-19

By: Drew Bethel A death toll in the thousands. Over 60,000 infected. Two hospitals built in less than 10 days. The Wuhan Coronavirus has spurred global panic, grasping massive media attention, and caught the eye of the CDC. Despite this, one of the biggest side effects remains under the radar: racism. With its origins beginning... Continue Reading →

What the heck are primaries?

A helpful guide, by Greg Tiller As we enter a new year and a new decade, in 2020, we have entered into yet another presidential election year. Many students at Jenks High School will be able to vote in a presidential election for the first time this November. But that isn’t the only opportunity you... Continue Reading →

Mental Health in the Age of Finstas

By: Lily Heritage Depression and anxiety are things that plague our generation. The uprising of social media has acted as a catalyst for discussion on mental health, particularly by the generation that uses it the most, ours. The discussion of mental health on social media is something that rides a thin line, that line being... Continue Reading →

Are Our Memes at Risk?

By Camille Jones Article 13. You may have heard this ominous term floating around Twitter, Instagram, and any other meme source you frequent. But, what does it really mean? Are Europeans losing their right to meme? Why is everyone freaking out? It turns out that finding unbiased information on Article 13, including the legal text... Continue Reading →

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