By Jackson Cropper We all understand what it’s like to watch a TED Talk in school. The second you hear the drip drip from the red TED logo hitting the screen, you can’t help but have your eyes glued to whoever is about to deliver thought-provoking ideas, and now students have the opportunity to share... Continue Reading →

As Women’s Month Comes to a Close…

By Charlotte Suttee It seems to be that time of year when the United States pays extra special attention to the accomplishments of women in our country, for March has been legally deemed Women’s History Month since congress passed Public Law 100-9 in 1987. Organizations and leaders place a lot of importance on encouraging women’s... Continue Reading →

Black History Month

By: Taylor Hatheway Students at Jenks may be aware that it’s currently Black History Month but they might not know how the school is celebrating it. If they have walked through Building 5, they may have seen the large banners hanging by the main office that highlight prominent people from the Harlem Renaissance or heard... Continue Reading →

How to Love

Editorial by Charlotte Suttee Modern Valentine’s Day is marketed for romance, but I believe there’s much more to love than your cute boyfriend (real or imaginary) this unofficial-holiday season. Here’s a brief list of ways we can love 5 things: planet, country, school, others, and, of course, yourself. Love the Planet: “Only buy food that... Continue Reading →

What Is A Government Shutdown?

By: Jett Millican The United States of America is in the middle of the longest government shutdown in history, but what does that even mean? How did all this come to be? What does this mean for the millions of Government workers in America, and for Tulsans? I sat down with Mr. Corey Hubble, a... Continue Reading →

Stranger Than Science Fiction

By Camille Jones On November 26th, 2018, the first gene-edited human beings were born. This may sound like the tagline of a new dystopian novel, but it’s all too real. Using a gene editing technique called CRISPR-Cas9 (a technology that allows scientists to edit parts of the genome by adding, removing or altering sections of... Continue Reading →

Editorial: Stress and Anxiety

BY Elise Siebert   Last friday, I had a meltdown in front of my boyfriend. Of course, it was completely unexpected and happened at the worst possible time. I was hanging out with my group of friends, it was a casual night, nothing special. I typically have a lot of energy when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Featuring: Creative Minds at Jenks

BY Charlotte Suttee   The Artists “I like me some ink. I like the way it drip.”   That’s the voice of senior Jesse Holt describing his favorite artistic medium: ink. Jesse’s dark, dream-inspired “drip” drawings are so twistedly realistic they seem to breathe. “[Ink] is it’s own being. It’s alive… I’m not telling it... Continue Reading →

“Warm Winter” Scarf Drive

BY Camille Jones and Charlotte Suttee There are almost 6 thousand homeless individuals in Tulsa alone. All scarves and donations will go to the Denver House downtown. Scarf Making: November 20th, afterschool, in Room 5222 (Mr.McCown) WE NEED fleece fabric to make scarves, since scarves are versatile. Fleece is about $5 per 60’’ wide yard... Continue Reading →

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