Students Get Involved with Politics at JHS

BY Izzy Pankey As midterms approach, politics are becoming a more important thing for people to be thinking about and getting involved in. From getting out there and telling people to vote or even just getting students in on the conversation, Young Republicans and Young Democrats Clubs are getting students involved. Even though majority of... Continue Reading →

The Elephant in the Streets

BY Camille Jones There are over six thousand homeless people in the Tulsa area alone, and a lot of times, they go entirely unnoticed. And if we don’t understand the problem, how can we help? I sat down with Noe Rodriguez at the Denver House downtown to talk about homelessness, so we can all understand... Continue Reading →

Don’t fight it, light it!

BY Charlotte Suttee A tall shadow, fire dripping from his hand, manifests behind the silvery, water-vapor-rich smoke. Jenks’ very own AP Environmental teacher, Brian Yockers, sets a grass plot ablaze with a drip torch that makes the plants pop like microwave popcorn. Yockers isn’t starting giant fires just to look cool, though-- he is participating... Continue Reading →

Feeding Our Trojans

While students, friends and family from all across Oklahoma supported the staff protesting at the capitol, many stayed back to support the staff at home. During the two-week walkout, the Jenks Community Food Bank was hard at work giving out hundreds of groceries to support staff and their families. “As of [April 12th] we have... Continue Reading →

DIY Letter To Your Representatives

Over the past month there have been many opportunities to speak up; there has been real discussion about gun control and teacher salary. Many people post their opinions on social media but, believe it or not, this is not the best way to make an impact on the community. So, how do you share what... Continue Reading →

Jenks Teachers Stand Strong

   The news of the walkout changed so often that it was hard to keep up. Most recently House Bill 1010XX was passed through both houses of legislature and ended up on Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk   on Thursday, March 29th, the same day Jenks teachers met  in the building 6 auditorium to discuss the looming... Continue Reading →

What Do All These Terms Mean?

Have you ever just walked down the hallway and heard two people talk about something they know absolutely nothing about, or parrot news channels without any idea what certain words mean? Well, if you were curious as to what they were talking about, or want help deciphering the lingo that plagues the government, you have... Continue Reading →

Why Should I Care?

Ever since the 2017 election, there has been more political uproar and discussion over controversial topics. Issues like sexual assault, climate change, and the overall running of the government have been questioned. But, since we are in high school, and most of us can’t even vote yet, why should we care? I talked to two... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Blue

    Most of us can agree that our sleep schedules are completely backwards. One thing given to smartphone users is the Blue Light Tool. This tool is supposed to help you get a better sleep while still being able to use your smartphone at nightime. Over the span of 7 days, I used this tool and... Continue Reading →

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