The Chess Boiz

By: Natalie Eaton Chess is a board game of strategies and tactics. A sport that takes practice, time and thought, and a smart set of minds. Just like other sports, chess is competitive and mentally challenging.  Eight brilliant students, Ryan Amburgy, Liam Glynn, Juan Diego Hernandez, Hakeem Hussain, Parker Haras, Roman Miller, Sarabjot Singh, and... Continue Reading →

Matthew Domanchuk: A Star On Ice

By: Avery Hudkins and Bella Hunt Matthew Domanchuk has been on the ice since he was 7 years old. He continues to show his determination and commitment through his reputation as a hockey player on the OKC Oil Kings, an 18U AA (youth hockey league) team. He not only continues to show his efforts on... Continue Reading →

Too Much Internet: With Aaron and Sophia

By: Aaron Siebert and Sophia Stunkard Welcome to Too Much Internet! The new podcast brought to you by the Jenks Trojan Torch. In this show, your hosts Aaron and Sophia will take a deep dive into the latest internet phenomena. Topics both big and small. But don’t think that isn’t all just the guesswork of... Continue Reading →

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