Lighting Up Jenks for Christmas

By Aaron Siebert Tis’ the season where good tidings of comfort and joy are on full display throughout the world, and the people of Jenks are no different.  But among the bright Christmas lights presented around town, one house seems to shine a little brighter than the rest. Ok, maybe a little more than a... Continue Reading →

Derek’s Costumes and Cosplay

By: Aaron Siebert We all want to be someone else once in a while. This isn’t a melancholy or pseudo-philosophical thing to say, more just a matter of fact. It’s fun to pretend sometimes. While this is definitely an internal urge, there’s no reason it can’t be reflected on the outside as well, and this... Continue Reading →

Tenet: Invert Your Expectations

 By: Aaron Siebert As movie theaters reopen all across the country, with them comes new and highly anticipated films, such as Christopher Nolan's new epic thriller Tenet.teneT rellirht cipe wen s'naloN rehpotsirhC sa hcus ,smlif detapicitna ylhgih dna wen semoc meht htiw yrtnuoc eht ssorca lla nepoer sretaeht eivom sA Alright I’m one sentence in... Continue Reading →

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