ah-Sigh-E: Goodness In Every Bite

By: Sophia Stunkard ah-Sigh-e is “Fast Food” reimagined. In the heart of Jenks, this new health cafe offers a multitude of fun and delicious acai bowls, smoothies, and a variety of locally made goods. I spoke with the owner of ah-Sigh-e, Jason McGill to discover how ah-Sigh-E and his love for healthy living came to... Continue Reading →

Sports in the Time of a Pandemic

By Avery hudkins Imagine you’re preparing for your high school sports season and you are suddenly told the rest of your season is cancelled. Every opportunity a high school athlete is given in 2020 is not granted fully due to the widespread disease of Covid.  Many football players, cross country runners, and volleyball players all... Continue Reading →

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