Young America’s Foundation

By: Avery Hudkins Young America’s Foundation (YAF) is a new club here at Jenks! YAF is a conservative club that stands up for individual freedom, small Government, strong National Defense, and traditional values. YAF holds interesting and educational events such as 9/11 Never Forget, where club members put flags out for victims involved in the... Continue Reading →

Attention Jenks Students: New Club!

By Charlotte Suttee A group of three students at the PrepYou! Senior conference, on November 16, walked into a session at OSU they were only half-interested in and got a lot more than career guidance. “As a joke, we were like ‘we’re going to go to the underwater exploration [class]’ to see some pretty cool... Continue Reading →

Club Week

Your typical day at school can be tedious, boring, and go on for what feels like days. At Jenks, there are so many interesting and fun clubs to be a part of.  On September 5th and 6th during lunch, different clubs set up booths to showcase their group and entice people to join their club.... Continue Reading →

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