Student-Athletes Persevering Through Quarantine

By: Natalie Eaton This school year certainly has been different, especially for student-athletes here at Jenks. With abrupt distance learning switches, cancellations, and contact tracing, it has been challenging for many athletes to remain positive.  Last March, when COVID hit, sports were abruptly canceled and seasons were devastatingly cut short, leaving athletes wondering if they... Continue Reading →

Is Edgenuity a Good Way of Learning?

By: Emma Nelson Virtual learning was a big deal in 2020, for students and teachers alike. Kids had to adapt to a completely new setting for their classroom. This change raised a lot of questions about how these students are learning in this new environment.  In a recent speech given by Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt,... Continue Reading →

Sports in the Time of a Pandemic

By Avery hudkins Imagine you’re preparing for your high school sports season and you are suddenly told the rest of your season is cancelled. Every opportunity a high school athlete is given in 2020 is not granted fully due to the widespread disease of Covid.  Many football players, cross country runners, and volleyball players all... Continue Reading →

Homecoming Court, Covid Edition

By: Avery Hudkins Imagine you and your friend’s are dancing the night away on the dance floor. Nobody can steal this moment away from you. Except for Corona. This year’s homecoming court and celebration will be a lot different. From having no dance, parade, or pep rally. With all the regulations and safety procedures we... Continue Reading →

College in the Time of COVID

By: Audrey McGee “It wasn’t even a full week [of college] before I got COVID” (Elise Siebert). These are the lives of 3 college freshmen during a global pandemic.  School time has officially started around the world filled with COVID posters, 6 feet apart stickers, and mask galore! But for some of us, this school... Continue Reading →

Brand New: Brook Lade

By Matty Mooney As the school year begins and students enter the classroom once more, new faces are not surprising. As much as Jenks loves to welcome new people and new teachers to our school, many feel overwhelmed, whether it's because of the crazy amount of students or the ever rampant COVID-19. However, they quickly... Continue Reading →

Pressures of Covid on Sports teams

By: Avery Hudkins  Imagine hearing the big cheers and yells during a sports game. This year they will be cut in half and muffled through masks. The Jenks soccer team along with other sports teams will be facing some pressures and struggles this upcoming year due to the pandemic. They are doing everything in their... Continue Reading →

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