Magnuson shines in star role

By Grace Abraham and Elise Siebert Seconds before the curtains opened, his stomach was full of butterflies and his heart was racing. As the show starts, the lights, sound, set, and the whole audience become one.  Senior Zach Magnuson, who played Jim Casy in “The Grapes of Wrath,”  is ready to tell the crowd a... Continue Reading →

Besties Beyond Disability

By Elise Siebert Jenks High School has a sibling duo that stands out from the rest. Throughout their lives, they have always spent time together reading and watching movies. Senior Bailie Sexton and Junior Elijah Sexton are not only siblings, but they are also best friends. Elijah has cerebral palsy which is a condition that... Continue Reading →


Whether you’re a freshman looking ahead to the future, or a senior in your last months of high school, you’re probably getting ready for college. Lots of classes claim to get you ready for those tough years ahead, but there is one class that is actually putting in the effort to get students to that... Continue Reading →

The Classes You Should Take

By Elise Siebert Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is right around the corner. Students get their enrollment cards and course planning guides during advisory this week. If you are looking for classes to take you out of the box or you just have a gap in your schedule, here are some exciting and interesting... Continue Reading →

21 Days Without Social Media

By Elise Siebert We don’t want to admit it, but we are addicted to our phones. Social media fills all the gaps throughout my day. I found myself going straight to Instagram and Snapchat instead of getting work done— it became a bad habit. Apple now has a feature that informs users how much screen... Continue Reading →

Editorial: Stress and Anxiety

BY Elise Siebert   Last friday, I had a meltdown in front of my boyfriend. Of course, it was completely unexpected and happened at the worst possible time. I was hanging out with my group of friends, it was a casual night, nothing special. I typically have a lot of energy when it comes to... Continue Reading →


BY Elise Siebert Homecoming is right around the corner, October 13 to be exact! This year, StuCo has gone above and beyond to give the students at Jenks a new and even better homecoming experience. The theme is “All the Stars” and there has been multiple changes this year, but one of the biggest ones... Continue Reading →

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