State Champ Wrestler

By Emily Polsten Wrestling: a sport where people without pants fight over a belt. Drake Vannoy, one of our very own Jenks High School wrestlers is the back to back champion at the state tournament a few weeks ago. At the time of publication, he is currently on his way to Virginia for the National... Continue Reading →

Tulsa Juice Boys: Fitness Addicts

By Emily Polsten Tulsa … Juice … Boys? Who are they? I asked myself this when they requested to follow me on Instagram. I learned one of my classmates was in this group. His name is Elliott Broach (12). I thought it was odd when he walked into my sixth hour class with a “waist... Continue Reading →

How Important is it that We Listen?

By Emily Polston We all say we’re listeners, but how much do we really listen to what's being said around us? In my leadership class this past semester, we had an assignment to stay silent and listen to others the entire school day. My teachers signed off for those classes saying I was silent, but... Continue Reading →

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