Cookies, Cakes, and Jews: The Story of the Jewish Bakery

By: Emma Zeller Cultural representation is vital to every community. It offers to broaden our perspectives through the sharing of past experiences, learning about different ethnicities, and of course, food. At Cookies, Cakes, and Jews, they market countless remarkable Jewish dishes to the Jenks community.  Prior to opening Cookies, Cakes, and Jews, co-owner Jimmy Darnell... Continue Reading →

Holiday Recipes

By: Emma Zeller As Christmas approaches, so does the work that comes with it. One of the biggest and most stressful parts of the holiday season is meal preparation. As high school students, we are unbothered by the cooking because most of us rarely assist with the process. However, helping with the preparation of holiday... Continue Reading →

Classic Literature: Good or Not?

By: Emma Zeller Classic literature- the stories and ideas that have influenced our world for centuries- are they actually good? I read and reviewed the most common classics to read in high school so you can find the one that fits you best.  Especially now, our surroundings are often chaotic and our schedules are crammed.... Continue Reading →

The E and M Show: Episode 2

By: Matty Mooney and Emma Zeller The modeling industry can be glitz and glamour. However, models are surrounded by prejudice from people outside of the entertainment industry. We ask ourselves, are these prejudgements accurate? Jenks Senior Grace Phelps, has stepped into the spotlight since age twelve.  In our second episode, she gives insight into her... Continue Reading →

Staying In Dress Code During In-Class Education

By: Emma Zeller Each day as students are getting ready for school, something is running through their minds: the dress code. Dress codes ensure that students stay modest in class, updating frequently to better mandate the styles.  Recently, Jenks updated its dress code. The school consulted different groups of students at JHS that made up... Continue Reading →

Making Music at Tulsa Tech

By: Emma Zeller In our age of education, there are more opportunities offered to students in the classroom than ever before. Countless schools are creating specialized programs in order to hone the talents of students. Tulsa Tech is a great place to find these courses. Sarah N'genda, 11, is a talented singer and aspiring musician... Continue Reading →

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