Day in The Life: Lunch Lady Edition

By Lily Heritage Lunch ladies and gentlemen: as someone who has bought school lunch everyday since middle school, I feel like I have a personal connection with the men and women who feed me. We students only really see the finished product and not what actually goes into it. I can handle the heat, so... Continue Reading →

How Important is it that We Listen?

By Emily Polston We all say we’re listeners, but how much do we really listen to what's being said around us? In my leadership class this past semester, we had an assignment to stay silent and listen to others the entire school day. My teachers signed off for those classes saying I was silent, but... Continue Reading →

21 Days Without Social Media

By Elise Siebert We don’t want to admit it, but we are addicted to our phones. Social media fills all the gaps throughout my day. I found myself going straight to Instagram and Snapchat instead of getting work done— it became a bad habit. Apple now has a feature that informs users how much screen... Continue Reading →

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