Oklahoma Film is Growing

By Aaron Siebert Martin Scorsese has come to Oklahoma, and his arrival is huge for the state. His new film Killers of the Flower Moon, based on the book of the same name, is a sign of changing times for the Oklahoma film industry.  “Of all the films shot in Oklahoma over my past 18... Continue Reading →

The Better Version with Aaron Siebert

By: Aaron Siebert Welcome to The Better Version with Aaron Siebert! A film podcast hosted by a snobby high school film student and his guests. In the better version we take two films very similar in multiple regards and compare the two in order to find out which version did it better.  In this pilot... Continue Reading →

Reimagining Film Class

By Audrey McGee This 2020-2021 school year began on a weird note. School has evolved so much through the weeks of distance learning. All students are familiar with the pins and needles we get in our legs after sitting down for hours in one spot. Some classes at Jenks were able to hold their structure... Continue Reading →

The Art of Film

By: Isabella Arias Movies, tv shows, and other filmed media are widely consumed in 2019, to say the least. But where did all of the famous directors, producers, and screenwriters start? For most, the answer is in high school. Jenks High School has several film classes available for students to take. Part of this class... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Gems of Film for Summer 2018

BY Jackson Cropper   A lot of things happened this summer. Powerful superhero families saved the world from a dangerous impending doom, space swindlers blasted their way to victory, and big dinosaurs wreaked havoc on innocent tourist to wrap up a large and hectic summer of movies. While there were plenty of big blockbusters to... Continue Reading →

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