Double Threat Quarterbacks

By: Natalie Eaton The bright Friday night lights, the student section screaming, and the community gathering  together to watch Jenks football play has begun once again. With the old players graduated, and new rookies filling in, everyone is excited to see the new players out on the field, especially in the quarterback position.  After coming... Continue Reading →

The Men Behind the Helmets

By Izzy Pankey Football season is officially finished, but for the boys who spent their fall playing their hearts out on the field, it’s their new beginning in highschool. What does the quarterback do when he can't play football? How does the linemen plan to spend his time when he’s not winning the state championship?... Continue Reading →

Sports in the Time of a Pandemic

By Avery hudkins Imagine you’re preparing for your high school sports season and you are suddenly told the rest of your season is cancelled. Every opportunity a high school athlete is given in 2020 is not granted fully due to the widespread disease of Covid.  Many football players, cross country runners, and volleyball players all... Continue Reading →

Senior Year: Game On

By: Carson Messick Senior season and football, two of the most important and stressful things in many of the students lives here at Jenks High School. Now mix them together, seems crazy right?  The football players this year are putting up a strong fight to get the state championship in our possession again, so the... Continue Reading →

One Last Ride

By: Kinslie Washington Fans are cheering, coaches are yelling, players are fighting, and the game is starting. The stadium is full and the lights are beaming down, it’s the start of the championship game and the first for sophomores and juniors and the last for the seniors. The fans are cheering then they got silet,... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes of Football

BY Victoria Gaikwad   Football may seem like it’s just the players and coaches, but the spotlight can’t just be on them. Some light has to shine on those who work behind the scenes and make everything run ever so smoothly. That type of dedication comes from our beloved managers. Sports managing takes about 16... Continue Reading →

Photo Journal: Football Games

By Izzy Pankey As the football season comes to an end, we look back at all the games our Trojans have played. From defeating Union at the Backyard Bowl, to our only loss regular season loss at the Broken Arrow game. Trojans have kept our heads held high as we went on and won the... Continue Reading →

The Men Beneath The Helmets

BY Kinslie Washington and Victoria Gaikwad We all know them, we all see them, and we all want to be friends with them, but who really are the football players when their not on the field or in the spotlight? What makes them who they really are, or the type of person they want to... Continue Reading →

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