Santi Claus’ Bag o Books

By Santiago Serrano Sometimes you got an hour or three or forty five to kill, and burning your retina by watching the same YouTube video over and over just seems unappealing. Well, worry not, for I, Santi Claus, bring a treasure trove of late Christmas presents for all who simply want to have good ol’... Continue Reading →

Jobs You Can Get Right Now as a Teen

BY Jackson Lee Summer’s over, and so is that seemingly endless supply of money that you’ve been saving up. With most of that money spent on Josh’s Sno Cones, collectables from the gas station you visited out of state, and of course that really cool concert you saw that you definitely will remember forever (since... Continue Reading →

September Horoscopes

BY Camille Jones Pisces (Feb 20th - March 20th): You’re going to confidently run up the stairs to impress Greg, trip, pee yourself, and lay weeping in the fetal position. You’re gonna miss fourth hour. Aries (March 21st - April 19th): As the great Socrates once said, “please stop dabbing. It’s 2018.” Taurus (April 20th... Continue Reading →

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