The Return of Distance Learning

By Grace Abraham “We’ve been through a flood, we went through a whole strike. We can get through this too.” Though it has been a full week back to distanced learning, many of us are starting to feel the effects. Do you find yourself feeling a little bit melancholy about this whole situation? Well, don’t... Continue Reading →

Who is Randy Williams?

By: Grace Abraham Who knew what 2020 was going to be like? What started out as a normalish year turned into a full blown pandemic. But through the challenges, there was growth, and that’s a word that Randy Williams would use to describe this year. “This year has been hard, but there are lots of... Continue Reading →

DUB For Sharks?!? Oklahoma Aquarium Raises Funds for Shark Research with First-Ever Valentine’s Dance: Wavy 80s

By: Grace Abraham Friday, February 14TH was Oklahoma Aquarium’s first-ever Valentine’s dance. Dancers at this 80s themed family event swayed along with Generation X music played by a live DJ while ticket proceeds went straight to fund their shark research. “We have the largest collection of bull sharks in the world,” Danielle Beck, Special Events... Continue Reading →

The Time to be Giving

By Grace Abraham Whether it’s making fleece blankets or donating food to your local food bank, helping those in your community is really important. It’s easy to feel small, but changes can’t just happen. It all starts with one person. Here are 5 ways in which you can help give back to your Jenks community: ... Continue Reading →

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