Sports in the Time of a Pandemic

By Avery hudkins Imagine you’re preparing for your high school sports season and you are suddenly told the rest of your season is cancelled. Every opportunity a high school athlete is given in 2020 is not granted fully due to the widespread disease of Covid.  Many football players, cross country runners, and volleyball players all... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Breaks: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Abigail Chow The challenge of making time to go to the bathroom during school requires a certain amount of forethought and planning. Teachers do their best to create a healthy and orderly learning environment for students. In various ways they generally encourage students to take in-class bathroom breaks sparingly; however, even if you carefully... Continue Reading →

Guide for New Students

By Elise Siebert Jenks High School can overwhelming — especially for new students. Imagine going to Jenks for the first time and trying to make your way around the huge campus. And then to make things worse, the buildings have confusing names like the “TAC,” “PEG,” and “The J.” Because of this, the Trojan Torch... Continue Reading →

Granting wishes for DUB Week

This January and February the student body needs to raise $28,000 to grant the wishes of four local children. For the scoop on what you can do to help and who these amazing kids are, keep reading!  By Drew Bethell This February you have the chance to change the lives of Kyra, Abe, and Braedon... Continue Reading →

Senior Year: Game On

By: Carson Messick Senior season and football, two of the most important and stressful things in many of the students lives here at Jenks High School. Now mix them together, seems crazy right?  The football players this year are putting up a strong fight to get the state championship in our possession again, so the... Continue Reading →

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