Homecoming Court, Covid Edition

By: Avery Hudkins Imagine you and your friend’s are dancing the night away on the dance floor. Nobody can steal this moment away from you. Except for Corona. This year’s homecoming court and celebration will be a lot different. From having no dance, parade, or pep rally. With all the regulations and safety procedures we... Continue Reading →

DJ Matt – The Future of a DJ Dynasty

BY Jackson Cropper   When senior Matthew Murrie attended his first ever Jenks homecoming, he didn’t expect to see an older man playing songs that were popular ten years ago, and after the dance, he vowed to do something about changing it. He went home and started playing music right away. After rummaging for new... Continue Reading →


BY Elise Siebert Homecoming is right around the corner, October 13 to be exact! This year, StuCo has gone above and beyond to give the students at Jenks a new and even better homecoming experience. The theme is “All the Stars” and there has been multiple changes this year, but one of the biggest ones... Continue Reading →

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