Getting to Know Mister & Miss JHS

By Izzy Pankey It all begins with a nomination. A fellow student or a proud administrator nominates a student for the honor of Mister or Miss JHS. The votes for the students are counted and the finalists are chosen. The top 10 students spend a few weeks going through interviews and another round of voting.... Continue Reading →

Jenks Upcoming Bond

By Izzy Pankey As we dive into the new year, Jenks Public Schools is working on the new 2020 bond and finding ways to improve our school system. This bond vote is set for Tuesday, February 11th, where the district is requesting 12.4 million dollars, and your vote matters. But, walking into that voting booth,... Continue Reading →

Dirty Jobs: Newbie Tries Lacrosse

After a highschool career of working on academics and staying inside my little box, who would’ve thought that I would be walking onto a field, lacrosse stick in hand, ready and excited to die while attempting a sport? No one, absolutely no one, I thought to myself as I approached the field for the first... Continue Reading →

Spring Activities Calendar

BY: Izzy Pankey As Spring gets closer and the weather gets nice, everyone is looking for something fun to do outdoors before the weather gets too hot. The Trojan Torch has put together a calendar full of fun and mostly free events to attend during this nice season. MARCH March 15th 3-8 PM- Tulsa Irish... Continue Reading →

Photo Journal: Football Games

By Izzy Pankey As the football season comes to an end, we look back at all the games our Trojans have played. From defeating Union at the Backyard Bowl, to our only loss regular season loss at the Broken Arrow game. Trojans have kept our heads held high as we went on and won the... Continue Reading →

Students Get Involved with Politics at JHS

BY Izzy Pankey As midterms approach, politics are becoming a more important thing for people to be thinking about and getting involved in. From getting out there and telling people to vote or even just getting students in on the conversation, Young Republicans and Young Democrats Clubs are getting students involved. Even though majority of... Continue Reading →

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