Teacher Walkout Recap

By Jackson Cropper With April rolling around once again, it marks the one year anniversary of the 2018 Oklahoma Teacher Walkout in which teachers all throughout the state stepped out of their overfilled classrooms to urge the state’s legislature to fund public education in a fair and just way. For some people, it feels like... Continue Reading →


By Jackson Cropper We all understand what it’s like to watch a TED Talk in school. The second you hear the drip drip from the red TED logo hitting the screen, you can’t help but have your eyes glued to whoever is about to deliver thought-provoking ideas, and now students have the opportunity to share... Continue Reading →

Fresh Faces: Actors on the Rise

By Jackson Cropper Luke Caspersen and Justin Chavez displaying their show-stealing chemistry Every year, talented thespians in the freshman class suit up in specialized costumes and memorize long expressive lines in order to put on their own one-act play, and this year was no different. This time around that play was Virgil’s Wedding. Filled with... Continue Reading →

A Web Swinging Review: Into The Spiderverse

By Jackson Cropper It’s been almost two decades since superhero blockbusters began to dominate the box office. Their epic scope and mythic characters have won audiences over for years and it’s hard to see that coming to an end anytime soon. Today, every superhero film that gets released comes complete with humongous amounts of hype... Continue Reading →

The Bowling Team: On a Roll Once Again

BY Jackson Cropper     While other Jenks students were preparing for the first playoff game, a select few students weren’t focused on the much-awaited football game and instead were focused on knocking down some wooden pins.   Many people may not know that Jenks has an official bowling team. It’s not funded by the... Continue Reading →

DJ Matt – The Future of a DJ Dynasty

BY Jackson Cropper   When senior Matthew Murrie attended his first ever Jenks homecoming, he didn’t expect to see an older man playing songs that were popular ten years ago, and after the dance, he vowed to do something about changing it. He went home and started playing music right away. After rummaging for new... Continue Reading →

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