The World of Jenks Exchange Students

By: Matty Mooney Jenks High School is known worldwide, and every year eager families await to host students from across the globe. Not only does the exchange program bring students in from abroad, but it also boasts an immersive, once-in-a-lifetime experience of being a student in American high school culture. Julien Reuter, grade 12, is... Continue Reading →

Double Threat Quarterbacks

By: Natalie Eaton The bright Friday night lights, the student section screaming, and the community gathering  together to watch Jenks football play has begun once again. With the old players graduated, and new rookies filling in, everyone is excited to see the new players out on the field, especially in the quarterback position.  After coming... Continue Reading →

Senior Year: Game On

By: Carson Messick Senior season and football, two of the most important and stressful things in many of the students lives here at Jenks High School. Now mix them together, seems crazy right?  The football players this year are putting up a strong fight to get the state championship in our possession again, so the... Continue Reading →

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