Dad Chats, Episode 2: Patrick Millican

By Jordan McCown We speak with Patrick Millican, father of Taylor and Jett. Our second episode of Dad Chats gets groovy quick as we discuss the Dad Song of the Day (1:45). This is followed by a practical onslaught of incredible questions and answers, including such hits as "what personality traits have your kids inherited... Continue Reading →

An Unlikely Hobby-Repost

By: Jett Millican With summer on the horizon, many people are enjoying the heat by exploring Oklahoma’s scenic outdoors. This was exactly what Barry Lester was doing on April 29th. Lester and his wife went hiking to celebrate his 57th birthday when the couple ran across a timber rattlesnake. He was bit on both hands... Continue Reading →

Concussions On Campus

By: Jett Millican Concussions are everywhere.  You hear about them happening to you friends and peers, but to a person who has never experienced a concussion it can be hard to understand that they are more than just a big headache. Jenks Athletic Trainer, Michael Catterson sees over 70 concussion cases involving Jenks students and... Continue Reading →

What Is A Government Shutdown?

By: Jett Millican The United States of America is in the middle of the longest government shutdown in history, but what does that even mean? How did all this come to be? What does this mean for the millions of Government workers in America, and for Tulsans? I sat down with Mr. Corey Hubble, a... Continue Reading →

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