Food Truck Festival Photo Journal!

By: Kendall Webber Scroll for a sneak peak of what next year's Tulsa Food Truck Festival could potentially look like!  Here are photos of food I bought and saw around the festival. The foods include ice cream, street tacos, macarons, caramel corn, honey candy from Roark Acres Honey shop, and mixed small baked pastries! All... Continue Reading →

At Home Watercolor

By: Kendall Webber You’re stuck in your room doing nothing for 5 days. You’ve watched all of the new shows and you have nothing left to do but be creative and find something entertaining. However, you have no craft supply. Well, lucky for you, I have found ways to make watercolor out of random things... Continue Reading →

Lights On!

By: Kendall Webber Follow Kendall Webber as she shows you around the annual Jenks Lights On event. Watch the Jenks community gather in excitement to see Main Street light up. The event consists of local businesses including various food vendors from around the Jenks, Oklahoma area! Come down to the event and see what they... Continue Reading →

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