Homecoming Without Breaking the Bank

By: Lily Heritage After two years of buying $200+ formal dresses that I never wore again, I thought “there’s got to be a better way to do Homecoming”. Come to find out, students here at Jenks already cracked the code! Homecoming doesn’t have to break the bank, you just have to know where to look!... Continue Reading →

Mental Health in the Age of Finstas

By: Lily Heritage Depression and anxiety are things that plague our generation. The uprising of social media has acted as a catalyst for discussion on mental health, particularly by the generation that uses it the most, ours. The discussion of mental health on social media is something that rides a thin line, that line being... Continue Reading →

Meet the Meat (and egg) Men!

By Camille Jones and Lily Heritage Hundreds of animals squeezed inside a small enclosure, daylight escapes them. The smell of feces so overwhelming that there isn’t anything else to focus on. Animals groan and squeal at the conditions. If you’re in Workun’s AP Lang class, you may have heard about these practices. That is not... Continue Reading →

Concussions On Campus

By: Jett Millican Concussions are everywhere.  You hear about them happening to you friends and peers, but to a person who has never experienced a concussion it can be hard to understand that they are more than just a big headache. Jenks Athletic Trainer, Michael Catterson sees over 70 concussion cases involving Jenks students and... Continue Reading →

Day in The Life: Lunch Lady Edition

By Lily Heritage Lunch ladies and gentlemen: as someone who has bought school lunch everyday since middle school, I feel like I have a personal connection with the men and women who feed me. We students only really see the finished product and not what actually goes into it. I can handle the heat, so... Continue Reading →

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