Deep Dive Into The School Board

By: Liza Inbody Title PicturePicture Credit: Tulsa World Students follow a strict schedule and regime in which our education, clothing, and overall decisions are influenced. Our clothing is already, to an extent, determined. The time in which we are required to be August through May is allotted a year prior. The curriculum we are taught... Continue Reading →

Afghan Refugees Resettle in Tulsa

By: Liza Inbody Cover Photo Credit: The Black Wall Street Times For the young Afghanistan people, war has been apparent their entire life, tainted by dispute, violence, and betrayal. And now, they are leaving behind all that is familiar, into a foreign country with a different language, culture, people, and nowhere to start. Many of... Continue Reading →

Dear Liza

By: Liza Inbody As the spring semester approaches, so do new classes, relationship issues, packed schedules, and the brink of summer. Anxiety is a universal experience, so fortunately this is not something anyone has to experience alone. Thankfully, Jenks has its own experts to aid with these issues and supply advice. I talked to three... Continue Reading →

Christmas Lights Review

By: Liza Inbody As the holiday season approaches, so do the long-lasting traditions that family and friends have been enjoying for years, including gingerbread house decorating, watching Hallmark movies, Christmas caroling, and simply spending time with loved ones. In my experience, one tradition that has been a constant is looking at Christmas lights! Staring in... Continue Reading →

Immigrants Find a Home at Jenks

By: Liza Inbody Every person we pass in the hall or sit across from in class has a unique story to share. Jenks Public Schools prides itself on its diverse student population. However, most people can admit that, unfortunately, we tend to gravitate towards people with similar interests and friend groups as ourselves. Therefore, we... Continue Reading →

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