Eat Around The World

By: Jourdan Batson Living in a city like Tulsa, there doesn’t seem to be many options for different types of food you may crave. There are a lot more than we think, and I tried some of the recommended authentic types of food you can find here!  El Arepazo: I had to DoorDash this since... Continue Reading →

Food Truck Festival Photo Journal!

By: Kendall Webber Scroll for a sneak peak of what next year's Tulsa Food Truck Festival could potentially look like!  Here are photos of food I bought and saw around the festival. The foods include ice cream, street tacos, macarons, caramel corn, honey candy from Roark Acres Honey shop, and mixed small baked pastries! All... Continue Reading →

Deep Dive Into The School Board

By: Liza Inbody Title PicturePicture Credit: Tulsa World Students follow a strict schedule and regime in which our education, clothing, and overall decisions are influenced. Our clothing is already, to an extent, determined. The time in which we are required to be August through May is allotted a year prior. The curriculum we are taught... Continue Reading →

Cookies, Cakes, and Jews: The Story of the Jewish Bakery

By: Emma Zeller Cultural representation is vital to every community. It offers to broaden our perspectives through the sharing of past experiences, learning about different ethnicities, and of course, food. At Cookies, Cakes, and Jews, they market countless remarkable Jewish dishes to the Jenks community.  Prior to opening Cookies, Cakes, and Jews, co-owner Jimmy Darnell... Continue Reading →

Rating Your Favorite Coffee Shops!

By: Sophia Stunkard Hi, my name is Sophia. I am Colombian which basically means that coffee is running through my veins 24/7. Now putting stereotypes aside, I am a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur. Con·nois·seur: an expert judge in matters of taste. Not only do I love coffee, I also love coffee shops; I will be... Continue Reading →

ah-Sigh-E: Goodness In Every Bite

By: Sophia Stunkard ah-Sigh-e is “Fast Food” reimagined. In the heart of Jenks, this new health cafe offers a multitude of fun and delicious acai bowls, smoothies, and a variety of locally made goods. I spoke with the owner of ah-Sigh-e, Jason McGill to discover how ah-Sigh-E and his love for healthy living came to... Continue Reading →

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