The Ultimate 12 Hour Road Trip

By: Ben Brown Are you bursting at the seams with restless energy as summer is just a few weeks away and looking to hit the ground running as soon as the last bell rings? A great way to let out all that energy is a road trip. The road trip. The ultimate 12 hour road... Continue Reading →

Making Music at Tulsa Tech

By: Emma Zeller In our age of education, there are more opportunities offered to students in the classroom than ever before. Countless schools are creating specialized programs in order to hone the talents of students. Tulsa Tech is a great place to find these courses. Sarah N'genda, 11, is a talented singer and aspiring musician... Continue Reading →

Shop Small: Black Owned Businesses in Tulsa

By: Matty Mooney Black owned businesses and entrepreneurship has been around forever, since the beginning of the GreenWood District in the early 1900’s. Supporting our local small businesses should be celebrated and there are many great black owned small businesses around Tulsa to check out. So, use this spotlight to shop small, safely, and socially... Continue Reading →

Supporting Small Businesses in Jenks

By: Natalie Eaton During this difficult year of 2020, it is now more important than ever to support local businesses.  They know their customers much better than national chains and they invest their dollars right back here into our community. This month we got to know two local businesses. The Pink Lily:  Just a little... Continue Reading →

Kitch After Hours

By: Emma Zeller In Jenks, everyone’s looking for fun things to do. Small towns are great, but there aren’t many options when everyone’s bored after a long day of school. Jenks needs a hangout space for highschoolers, somewhere with a good atmosphere and no stress where students can go to just relax! Local Jenks cafe,... Continue Reading →

Meet the Meat (and egg) Men!

By Camille Jones and Lily Heritage Hundreds of animals squeezed inside a small enclosure, daylight escapes them. The smell of feces so overwhelming that there isn’t anything else to focus on. Animals groan and squeal at the conditions. If you’re in Workun’s AP Lang class, you may have heard about these practices. That is not... Continue Reading →

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