Lights On!

By: Kendall Webber Follow Kendall Webber as she shows you around the annual Jenks Lights On event. Watch the Jenks community gather in excitement to see Main Street light up. The event consists of local businesses including various food vendors from around the Jenks, Oklahoma area! Come down to the event and see what they... Continue Reading →

Supporting Small Businesses in Jenks

By: Natalie Eaton During this difficult year of 2020, it is now more important than ever to support local businesses.  They know their customers much better than national chains and they invest their dollars right back here into our community. This month we got to know two local businesses. The Pink Lily:  Just a little... Continue Reading →

Kitch After Hours

By: Emma Zeller In Jenks, everyone’s looking for fun things to do. Small towns are great, but there aren’t many options when everyone’s bored after a long day of school. Jenks needs a hangout space for highschoolers, somewhere with a good atmosphere and no stress where students can go to just relax! Local Jenks cafe,... Continue Reading →

Mermaids and Blackbirds: Additions To Main Street

By: Natasha Perez I saw an endless sea of trinkets and jewelry decorating the room. They hang off porcelain hands, guitars, camouflaging with handcrafted Oklahoma magnets and wristbands.  Soft lighting bounces off multicolored blankets, colorful shirts, and vivid paintings. Creating a mood.  A blond woman stands behind the paint covered register, in a tranquil state,... Continue Reading →

Get to Know the Rustic Gate Creamery

By: Amelia Kimberling After a long day of schoolwork, tests, and trudging sullenly from class to class, a sweet mouthful of hot-fudge-coated ice cream or a cup of a refreshing raspberry Italian soda could be a much-needed relief from a taxing day at school. So, what if such treats were only a five-minute walk from... Continue Reading →

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