My Top 5 Rom-Coms for February 

By: Matty Mooney Rom-Coms are ranked If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love rom-coms. Pass me a bucket of popcorn and a cheesy chick-flick, and you’ve got a solid way into my heart. However, there’s always that one movie you just can’t stop watching. But how could I choose?... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Photojournal

By: Matty Mooney As the Holidays roll around, communities gather to celebrate the most magical time of the year. For Tulsa, the whole town contributes to the festivities that December brings. Wanting to take my love for photography and my town, I created a photojournal of some of the best Holiday activities Tulsa has to... Continue Reading →

The E and M Show: Episode 2

By: Matty Mooney and Emma Zeller The modeling industry can be glitz and glamour. However, models are surrounded by prejudice from people outside of the entertainment industry. We ask ourselves, are these prejudgements accurate? Jenks Senior Grace Phelps, has stepped into the spotlight since age twelve.  In our second episode, she gives insight into her... Continue Reading →

A Local Limelight: Admiral Twin Drive-In

By Matty Mooney Picture this: It’s a hot summer’s night and the sun has just set beyond the horizon. You and your friends pile up into your mom’s old Subaru and drive to South Tulsa for the main event. Tonight is the anniversary showing of The Outsider’s and you couldn’t be more excited. With a... Continue Reading →

Shop Small: Black Owned Businesses in Tulsa

By: Matty Mooney Black owned businesses and entrepreneurship has been around forever, since the beginning of the GreenWood District in the early 1900’s. Supporting our local small businesses should be celebrated and there are many great black owned small businesses around Tulsa to check out. So, use this spotlight to shop small, safely, and socially... Continue Reading →

Meet the Teach: Mr. McGee

By: Matty Mooney As students return to school and we step into the new year, saying goodbye to past members of Jenks can be hard. However, being welcoming and optimistic is something we are known for. Welcoming new faces to our school is what we do best! Transitions to new teachers can bring new changes... Continue Reading →

Biking to the Top: Tanner Culbreath

By: Matty Mooney As the Holidays are coming around the corner, it’s the best time of the year to spread positivity and appreciation. Especially appreciation for our teachers. They provide so much for students, and put in their best effort everyday to help us succeed. Tanner Culbreath, Jenks Science Teacher, was recognized this week to... Continue Reading →

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