The Perfect Horror Movie for Your Halloween

By: Aaron Siebert What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?  It’s a question that you’ve without a doubt heard multiple times in your life, but what’s always the first answer? Besides the costumes, decorations, weather, pumpkin spice everything, and candy; that’s right, horror movies!  No Halloween night is complete without a chilling piece of cinema made... Continue Reading →

A Local Limelight: Admiral Twin Drive-In

By Matty Mooney Picture this: It’s a hot summer’s night and the sun has just set beyond the horizon. You and your friends pile up into your mom’s old Subaru and drive to South Tulsa for the main event. Tonight is the anniversary showing of The Outsider’s and you couldn’t be more excited. With a... Continue Reading →

Horror Movie Roundup: The Decade

By: Amelia Kimberling With this decade nearing its end, there are many amazing things to look back on, but today will be focused on one specific genre: Horror. While this genre may not be considered “part of the Christmas spirit,” it can provide a great escape for those who bore of the same movies and... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Gems of Film for Summer 2018

BY Jackson Cropper   A lot of things happened this summer. Powerful superhero families saved the world from a dangerous impending doom, space swindlers blasted their way to victory, and big dinosaurs wreaked havoc on innocent tourist to wrap up a large and hectic summer of movies. While there were plenty of big blockbusters to... Continue Reading →

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