Making Music at Tulsa Tech

By: Emma Zeller In our age of education, there are more opportunities offered to students in the classroom than ever before. Countless schools are creating specialized programs in order to hone the talents of students. Tulsa Tech is a great place to find these courses. Sarah N'genda, 11, is a talented singer and aspiring musician... Continue Reading →

2019 Christmas Albums Review

By Natalie Eaton It is that time of the season once again! The radios, shopping centers, and local areas blast the old-timey songs and carols everyone knows and loves.  As a fellow Christmas enthusiast, I am obsessed with any type of holiday music. Traditional, slow and peppy, trap music, or acapella, are all included on... Continue Reading →

School of Rock

by Camille Jones A Guide to Songwriting, as Told by Jenks Musicians As many musicians know, songwriting can be a daunting task that seems almost impossible. You might get an idea, be totally ready to write it down, and then find yourself staring at a blank page for hours. I myself love writing music, and... Continue Reading →

DJ Matt – The Future of a DJ Dynasty

BY Jackson Cropper   When senior Matthew Murrie attended his first ever Jenks homecoming, he didn’t expect to see an older man playing songs that were popular ten years ago, and after the dance, he vowed to do something about changing it. He went home and started playing music right away. After rummaging for new... Continue Reading →

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