Little Businesses, Big Bucks

By: Natalie Eaton From paintings, ceramics, stationary, and selling big on Etsy and online websites, students at Jenks have figured out ways to sell what they love and create businesses. High school students, Hannah Brown (10), Hoi Nei Haokip (11), and Hannah Graham (12), are only a few of the incredibly talented individuals here at... Continue Reading →

Shooting For Success

By: Natalie Eaton Reload. Aim. Shoot. The Jenks Shooting team fires. As many Jenks students and alumni know, Jenks prides themselves in our very successful athletic department, as well as the variety of uncommon sports teams like, The Shooting Team. The Jenks shooting team is FFA sanctioned and split into senior and junior groups. Originally,... Continue Reading →

Shepherd and The Importance of ASL

By: Natalie Eaton The purpose of learning a language is to properly communicate with people around you. But, what happens when you can’t depend on your voice? At Jenks, learning sign language has helped students better connect with the deaf community and the world around them.  Erin Shepherd is a third year ASL teacher here... Continue Reading →

Lady Trojans Lacrosse

By: Natalie Eaton Jenks Ladies Lacrosse’s season has officially come to an end, after an impressive and record-breaking season. With all of the craziness thrown at sports this year, through COVID, contact tracings, and ice storms, the Lady Trojans managed to pull off a fantastic season filled with win streaks, very little deficits, and a... Continue Reading →

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