The E and M Show: Episode 2

By: Matty Mooney and Emma Zeller The modeling industry can be glitz and glamour. However, models are surrounded by prejudice from people outside of the entertainment industry. We ask ourselves, are these prejudgements accurate? Jenks Senior Grace Phelps, has stepped into the spotlight since age twelve.  In our second episode, she gives insight into her... Continue Reading →

We made a podcast: The E and M Show

By: Emma Zeller and Matty Mooney Here at the Trojan Torch, we pride ourselves on being innovative and outside of the box. So, to delve more into the creative side of journalism, we bring you our podcast, The E and M Show! Our first episode is about interesting majors from Jenks seniors. Join us as... Continue Reading →

The Better Version with Aaron Siebert

By: Aaron Siebert Welcome to The Better Version with Aaron Siebert! A film podcast hosted by a snobby high school film student and his guests. In the better version we take two films very similar in multiple regards and compare the two in order to find out which version did it better.  In this pilot... Continue Reading →

Emma & Mers Podcast

By: Emma Nelson Podcast link:) Come chill with us in this episode of the Emma n Mers Podcast!! In this episode we discuss the book We Are The Ants by Shaun David Hutchidson. The book is a very interesting read, it is about a boy Henry who is abducted by aliens and must decide the... Continue Reading →

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